• Nakiri-gyuto-santoku-Japanese knives

    Soft opening - Workshop in Saigon

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Workshop in District 7

Sharpening service, sharpening lesson and display about 50 kinds of Japanese knives. Website shows only some knives.

Please contact for more details.

3% Discount

If you pay by cash or bank transfer and pick up at our Saigon workshop, we will discount 3%.

It's only knives and stones. Sharpening service and lessons are not discounted.

Before & after repairing broken chef knife

Sharpening service & Lessons

The blade is alive by sharpening. Without sharpening, it’s dysfunctional.


Sanjo To The World

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Master's Hand - Blacksmith

Delivery in Vietnam

Free shipping fee for over 2,000,000 VND purchases. All goods are wrapped by recycled rice bags.


Sharpness, Human Touch

About Our knives

From Artisan Village, Sanjo


Looking for The Truth

Many fakes and illusions in the knife industry.

Don't be fooled by marketing tactics.

Blogs are my considerations.

What is a good knife?

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No more Mystery of Price

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What is good cutting?

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