• Nakiri-gyuto-santoku-Japanese knives

    Japanese knives and sharpening in Saigon

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Close on 26 Sep - 2 Oct, 2023

The shop is closed on 26 Sep - 2 Oct,

and will resume on 3 Oct 2023.

Saigon Workshop

Sharpening Service & Lesson

The blade is alive by sharpening. In the sharpening lesson, you will know secret of Japanese knives.


Hand Engraving

Put your name on the knife. 漢字(Kanji), カタカナ(katakana), Alphabet (CAPITAL LETTER)


Delivery inside Vietnam

Deliver same day inside Ho Chi Minh City. Ship to other cities in Vietnam.


Sanjo To The World

about US

Master's Hand - Blacksmith

Sharpness, Human Touch

About Our knives

From Artisan Village, Sanjo


Looking for The Truth

Many fakes and illusions in the knife industry.

Don't be fooled by marketing tactics.

Blogs are my considerations.

What is a good knife?

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No more Mystery of Price

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What is good cutting?

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What is sharpening?


What Is the Edge Angle?

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About rust


About rust - Recommend knife

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What is a Damascus knife?

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Is this knife fake?

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Material combinations of 3 layered knife

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