How does price come from?

Price difference comes from size, materials and emotional factors. Emotional factors are biggest reason to increase the price.

Price of knife from emotion




Big one more expensive. It's obvious reason of price differences.

Knife price comparison - size


Aogami#2 + Stainless blades have resistance to oxidize. The maintenance is easier than Shirogami#1+ soft iron one.


Knife Price Comparison - materials

There are many exceptions. Sometimes, Shirogami#2 blade is more expensive than Aogami#2. The main reason comes from emotional factors.

Emotional factor 


Price comparison 3 santoku knives

Shigefusa is most famous and respected workshop in my hometown. I love their knives. They have noble aura and better cutting function. Materials are same as normal one. I feel it's made from differnet materials.

This is my personal feelings. And some other people feel same. There are strong demands from all over the world. So the price of their knives are high. Demands make the price.

On the other hand, many people feel the price is unreasonable. Function is same as other knives for them. This is the fact. I agree with it. We are paying money for the emotional value. Emotional value comes from personal feelings.



Price difference comes from size, materials and emotional factors. 

Price comes from demands.

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Hiroshi Takeuchi