What is the difference depending on the material?

In the past, people didn't care much about materials. They distinguished just carbon steel or stainless mostly. Now there are many materials especially stainless steel and many information on the internet too. It confuses us.
From my expereince, carbon steel and stainless steel are quite difference. But among cabon steel, stainless steel, the difference between each material is tiny. Below are my opinions for each functions.

Big difference is oxidation. 

About cutting and sharpening, the difference is tiny or depending on the user. Some user feel big difference, some don’t.


Stainless steel is not easy to oxidize. Carbon steel is easy to oxidize.

Stainless steel


Not oxidize



Not oxidize


VG10, VG1, SLD

Not oxidize

Carbon steel














It’s almost the same if it’s sharpened well. By cutting test, I feel some difference between each knives but I cannot determine the which material is. The difference is really tiny. Even material is same, cutting feeling can be difference by sharpening or knife maker. Hardness of material is depending on the making processes such as heating process and hammering.

Generally, I feel carbon steel is better cutting than stainless. Among stainless steel, Gin8 keeps sharpness longer. Among carbon steel, Aogami2 keeps sharpness longer. 


It’s almost same too but I can feel the difference stainless and carbon steel more when I sharpen it. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen. Stainless steel is difficult to make good edge.

I can determine the difference between stainless and carbon steel, but I cannot determine which material exactly. The difference is tiny.

Chemical composition

The main difference is the amount of carbon, chromium, and tungsten. Human senses, vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell cannot tell the difference.