Sanjo Blade

Nakiri Large

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Popular for vegan, vegetarian cooking!

Nakiri (菜切) means vegetable cut in Japanese but it can be used for all purpose. 

Nakiri shape is general purpose, good for vegetable, fish, meat and other food. 

Shape comparison - Nakiri and other

Top is flat. It's safety but not able to stick.

Comparison shape of top - Flat

Notice: Blade oxidizes naturally. It doesn't harm our health.  

Oxidize knife - change color


Free sharpening service for 3 year

Blade materials: Shirogami#2 (White steel) + Soft iron

Handle materials: Chestnut wood + Plastic

Blade length: 175mm

Blade wight: 57mm

Total length: 320mm

Weight: 183g

Size is approximately. Each knife has different size slightly