Sanjo Blade

Nakiri Gin8 Super Long

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Nakiri (菜切) means vegetable cut in Japanese.

Super long is used by farmers or wholesalers. It's good for cutting watermelon or other large vegetables.

Gin8 is forged stainless steel. Craftsmen made them one by one.

It doesn't oxidize. Maintenance is easy.

Gin 8 is hard material. It's cannot be engraved on the surface.

Free sharpening service for 3 year

Blade materials: Gin8

Handle materials: Laminated wood

Blade length: 360mm

Balde width: 68mm

Total length: 490mm

Weight: 500g

Size is approximately. Each knife has different size slightly.

Craftsmen made them one by one.
Each blades and handles are a bit different each other. There may be some small scratches or uneven surface.