Sanjo Blade

Deba - Thin 210mm Right-hand

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Deba (出刃) is good for cutting fish. Thin blade is used in food processing workshop widely.

Single bevel for right handed.

Notice: Blade oxidizes quickly.

Please read this article "about rust".

Recommend to clean by rust remover before using.
If you want to prevent oxidation perfectly, apply oil after washing.


Free sharpening service for 3 year

Blade material: Aogami(Blue steel) + Iron

Handle materials: Magnolia wood

Blade length: 210mm

Balde width: 65mm

Total length: 350mm

Weight: 200g

Size is approximately. Each knife has different size slightly.

Craftsmen made them one by one.
Each blades and handles are a bit different each other. There may be some small scratches or uneven surface.