Material combinations of 3 layered knife

There are many kinds of combination for knife structure. Speciality of Sanjo Blacksmiths is 3 layered knife.

Material combinations of knife

Core layer is hard material. It makes an edge. The edge touched the food. The core material is the key of the knife. We use Hagane (Carbon steel) for the core material. Famous Hagane is Aogami (Blue paper in Japanese), Shirogami (White paper in Japanese). Blue and white are just a name. Actual steel are not blue nor white.

Combining two materials are signature skills of Japanese blacksmiths.

You can see this combination at our knives.

3 layered knife, back view

Side layer is softer material. We use stainless or soft iron. The purpose of the side layer is to cover the core material. Core material is hard but it's crispy. It's fragile. 

Side material is soft but tough. It protects core material. Other benefits of using side material is decoration. We can make patterns on it. Because it's soft. Core material is too hard to be carved on the surface.

side material cover core material of the knife

Single layer knife has only core material. It's single material but there are soft part and hard part. The manufacturing process is complicated. So prices are much much higher than 3 layered knives.



Combined two materials are signature skills of Japanese blacksmiths. Enjoy our traditional devices in your kitchen.