Sanjo Blade

Table knife

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Blacksmith made table knife.

Hardness of blade is same as carbon steel, HRC 62.

The edge is same sharpness than kitchen knife. Don't put it in your mouth.

It can be used as petty knife.

Enjoy the sharpness by our free sharpening service. 

Gin 8 is hard material. It's cannot be engraved on the surface.

Free sharpening service for 3 year

Blade materials: Gingami 8 (Stainless steel)

Blade length: 125mm

Balde width: 20mm

Total length: 240mm

Weight: 83g

Size is approximately. Each knife has different size slightly.

Craftsmen made them one by one.
Each blades and handles are a bit different each other. There may be some small scratches or uneven surface.