Sanjo Blade

Nakiri #5

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Popular for vegan, vegetarian cooking!

Nakiri (菜切) means vegetable cut in Japanese but it can be used for all purpose. 

Nakiri#1 is economy model.

Nakiri shape is general purpose, good for vegetable, fish, meat and other food. 

Shape comparison - Nakiri and other

Top is flat. It's safety but not able to stick.

Comparison shape of top - Flat

Notice: Blade oxidizes naturally. It doesn't harm our health.  

Oxidize knife - change color


Blade materials: Shirogami#2 (White steel) + Soft iron 8 layered

Handle materials: Chestnut wood + Plastic

Blade length: 160mm

Blade wight: 50mm

Total length: 310mm

Weight: 160g

Size is approximately. Each knife has different size slightly.