Japanese Razor

Japanese Razor

Made by Ryouichi Mizuochi

It’s known as “Iwasaki 岩崎 Razor” in the world.

75 years old is working alone, and doesn’t have next generation.
Razor is the most difficult blade. Only limited person can make it.
It also requires users to have high skill, both shaving and sharpening.

High-end beauty salons use it for women’s facial hair. It makes skin brighter than normal shaver.

Shigefusa Santoku

A living legend

Shigefusa 重房 – Tokihusa Izuka

He is the man master blacksmiths admire.

After you see his works, you will know what real is, you will realize the market is full of imitation.

This is the top of genuine Japanese forged knife.
Santoku 7,500,000vnd


It’s for artist, designer, pencil lovers

Made by Masuda Takeshi

He is 2nd generation and making it for 46 years.
He invented impressive hammered pattern on the surface with 1st generation.
Now, he is working with his 42 years old son. They keep seeking something better for this small tools.
We can back to 50 years ago when enter his workshop. The place is full of their power, heart and history.

Kiridashi with leather sheath: 1,500,000vnd

Making Damascus paper knife

It’s exciting experience to make Damascus paper knife.
My Hometown Sanjo-city open this class sometimes.

1. Start from raw material. It’s 16 layers steel.

2. Make half holes. These become Damascus patterns later.

3. Make Scratches. These become Damascus patterns later.

4. Heat and make rough shape by hummer


5. Make exact shapes using grinder

6. Heat about 800deg and put in water suddenly. It makes steel harder.

7. Reshape and make blade by grinder.

8. Finish by blasting

9. Damascus pattern appear