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Starting Story

By Hiroshi Takeuchi

The venture was started by personal problem.  In Vietnam life, I saw everything was copy, trick and too much decoration. I tried to enjoy that situation. But at end I felt myself became cheap same as things around me.

In my hometown, I witnessed old blacksmith making metal tools. It had noble aura. The works can’t be compared to other commercial products. The experience changed my life deeply precious.

My hometown is blacksmith village. It’s from 400 years ago Samurai time. Today craftsmanship still remain there.
I decided to introduce their works in Vietnam.
Traditional tools are enhanced its value by aging with proper maintenance. The blade is alive by sharpening. Without sharpening, it’s dead. I want our products alive long. I learned sharpening to save our works.
I offer master craftsmanship in Vietnam. Our life will be rich by authentic means.
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History of Sanjo Blade

Sanjo is middle of Echigo plain. Agriculture is main industry from long ago until now. In the old time, they were suffered from flood often. So in 1625 they started metal-tools production beside their agriculture jobs. Metal-tools production was not affected by flood.

Sanjo was also the trading point in the region. It’s at confluence point of two rivers. They sold metal- products with farm-products using water transportation. The area was developed by combination of production and trading.

For 400 years, we continue local style traditional crafts. Now Sanjo is famous place of artisan homemade products. Their works are exported to Europe and America mainly.


Knife Making Process
  • Join carbon steel and iron
  • Hit by spring hummer to fasten steel and make roughly shape
  • Make shape by grinder
  • Heat steel and quench
  • Tempering
  • Fix distortion
  • Grind and sharpening edge
  • Put handle