Service, Lesson and Stones
Temporary closed due to Covid-19

|Sharpening Lesson|

You will know secret of Japanese knife sharpening.

– 1 lesson 90min
– 1 guest 300,000VND
– How & why shape difference
– Material of knives
– General purpose & Special purpose knife
– Mystery of prices
– What is good knife
– Why so many sharpening stones
– How to sharpen knife by stones
– Compare before / after sharpening
– Max 3 guests in one lesson
– Contact below for booking
– Airbnb is available too. View On Airbnb


Hidden showroom & Sharpening studio
135/37/21 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh
Open irregularly
Please contact before visit to check availability

Temporary closed due to Covid-19

|Sharpening Service|

Normal knife: 100,000VND
Yanagi, Deba: 150,000VND
Repair chip, remove rust: 200,000VND

|Sale whetstones|

#120 Shapton: 1,200,000VND

#220 Shapton: 1,250,000VND

#320 Shapton: 1,250,000VND

#1000 Shapton: 1,250,000VND

#1500 Shapton: 1,300,000VND

#2000 Shapton: 1,400,000VND

#5000 Shapton: 1,500,000VND

#8000 Shapton: 1,600,000VND

#12000 Shapton: 1,800,000VND

#120 Sigma: 1,000,000VND

#220 Aratokun 205x75x50: 1,600,000VND

#1100 HOO: 1,250,000VND

#1300 HOO: 1,300,000VND

#700 Bester: 1,300,000VND

#1000 Bester: 1,350,000VND

#1200 Bester: 1,400,000VND

#3000 Suehiro: 1,400,000VND

#4000 Lobster: 1,600,000VND

#6000 HOO: 1,300,000VND

Natural stone coarse-middle: 1,000,000VND

Natural stone middle-fine: 1,100,000VND

#120/180 (For flatten stones): 900,000VND

Sabitoru middle grit (Rust remover): 150,000VND

Sabitoru fine grit (Rust remover):150,000VND